About us

The Tibet Institute is situated in the Valley of the Töss, more precisely in Rikon (Canton of Zürich). It was founded in the nineteensixties, based on a suggestion of His Holiness the 14. Dalai Lama, who also became the monastery’s patron. Today, the monastic community plays an indispensible role in the lives of so many Tibetans settled in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Also, Rikon has become a focal point for non-Tibetan people interested in Tibetan culture and religion. In many ways, the Tibet Institute contributes to a lively exchange of culture and knowledge between East and West.

The goals

Organized as a foundation, the Tibet Institute Rikon pursues the following goals:

  • To provide for the spiritual needs of Tibetans of all traditions in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein
  • To preserve Tibetan culture and religion for future Tibetan generations
  • To offer insight into Tibetan culture and religion to interested Non-tibetan people
  • To support scientific research in the field of Tibetology
  • To promote dialogues between Buddhist Philosophy and Western Science

Further information can be found on www.tibet-institut.ch